What’s up with gold fringe on flags?

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Whether in an office, at a parade, in a government building, or any number of places, our American readers have probably seen an American or state flag with gold fringe or tassels. If you’ve read anything on our website, you know that almost every element of a flag has a purpose, meaning, and history behind it. So what’s the meaning behind the gold fringe? Well, not a whole lot.

us flag gold fringeThere’s nothing in any flag codes that states the purpose or legality of the gold fringe. However, the fringe is mostly considered to be acceptable flag etiquette. I say “mostly” because if you search the depths of the internet you will find all sorts of conspiracy theories behind the fringe on flags. Yes, conspiracy theories about flag fringe. The most prominent is that the fringe indicates martial or admiralty law – basically that the constitution does not apply in that area and that whoever is the authority figure in this place has absolute rule. Those who subscribe to this theory find this most troubling in courtrooms, where judges have complete say over your fate. As I said before, there is no law or flag code that supports this. Those who subscribe to this theory will often point to executive order 10834; however, the text that they cite is completely fabricated.

While there are no U.S. laws on flag fringe, it is mentioned in U.S. Army code. Army Regulation 840-10 states that fringe should be used on indoor and ceremonial flags, but does not state any reason why.

So in conclusion, it’s all for decoration. Most likely a military tradition that has been adopted by civilians. Do you feel like you have substantial evidence to support a theory behind the fringe? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Very simply, the fringe is a meaningless adornment.

    This was stated in the Attorney General’s statement in 1925, repeated in Army Regulation 840-10, enforced by US Code Title 4 and Executive Order 10834, and supported by US Marine Flag Manual Sect D Art 2a (see the text for links).

    The USMC manual is interesting as the USMC come under the Dept of the Navy, i.e. The Admiralty, yet they ban the use of the fringe on the US flag when we would expect them to enforce it under “Admiralty Law”!

    International flag protocols do not mention fringes as being anything but an adornment.

    The fringe is on the edge of the flag, it therefore does not deface it (when a symbol or text is put on the flag) and does not change its form, e.g. by adding a 4th colour.

    Finally, flags have never defined a legal status, merely reflected it. Flying a US flag at a US embassy just reflects the pre-existing agreement of US territory. The US flag at the American School in Paris flies on French soil. A Frenchman flying le Tricolore on Bastille day in New York is still on American soil not French.

    There is absolutely NO evidence to the contrary, except conspiracy theories and misunderstanding of the law.

  2. In New Zealand the choice of trial by judge and jury or hearing by judge is offered.
    Two flags are hanging.
    One with gold trim and one without.
    Trial by jury is common law, law of the land, so the Gold trimmed flag is removed.
    Hearing by judge is admiralty/maritime law, law of the sea, so the NZ flag proper is removed and I would suggest at your peril

    • Absolute rubbish. A New Zealand court has the New Zealand Coat of Arms, it does NOT have a flag, with or without a fringe. I am a proud Kiwi and have had to attend court for many reasons including seeing my wife sworn in as a JP and jury service.

      No flag, mate. If you got that fact wrong, you’ve probably got others wrong too.

      And I’ll repeat, based on knowledge of real law not made up law, the fringe means nothing.

  3. So, why are we told to say The Pledge of Allegiance every day throughout our school
    Years yet the Law of the Republic (which the flag stands for) and it doesn’t apply in the court house? I call B.S. on “It’s just a Conspiracy theory…”

  4. It’s hilarious the significance that the tinfoil hat crowd attribute to gold fringe, which is there for decoration only. Ironically, while the Army and Air Force use a gold-fringed U.S. flag for honor guards and parade use, by tradition the naval services (Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) use an unfringed U.S. flag. This would seem to be contrary to the conspiracy theorists’ idea that the gold fringe represents some “Admiralty” law (which in fact does not exist in any form in the United States).

  5. “THIS” is what DIS-INFORMATION looks like. Many and a GROWING NUMBER are educating themselves..IT ISN’T a minor thing, either! I, pretty much SAY THE WRITERS OF MISINFORMATION are either SOCIALIST, COMMUNIST..”MARXIST”.. or THE lowest.. SHILLS (TRADERS TO OUR REPUBLIC!

    • Duh, your argument is completely lost in your lack of grammar. I’ve read and re-read your post and am still at a loss as to what your message is. This is why grammar, spelling and punctuation do matter.

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